So Did I Pull Any Derek Jeter Rookie Cards?

I recently picked up this box of 1993 Topps Series 1 for $10 and I thought, why not?  If I only get one Derek Jeter Rookie then I've made my money back and if it's a really nice copy I might consider getting it graded.  And there's about a 1:100 shot of getting of a gold stamped version.  Let's see what I got inside:

So I'll save you the pain of waiting, no Jeter Rookie for me.  Curses!  That being said, here's some interesting cards I got.  I struck gold with a mini Bipping getting the base card and the gold version.  

#219 Bip Roberts
#219 Bip Roberts Gold Version

Besides the Bip, the only remarkable gold card I pulled was this Tony Gwynn.  
#5 Tony Gwynn Gold Version

I did also get a Black Gold card of Delino DeShields. I wonder what these would have gone for when this set was released and eBay existed.  These fell one per every two boxes so they were pretty rare.   

Black Gold #5 Dellino DeShields

These cards also had foil stamping on the back which you never see anymore.   

In the end, my favorite cards were these two Tim Wakefield cards which don't seem to be technically rookie cards but they are his first cards from Topps.  Love those knuckleballers!  

#163 Tim Wakefield [1st Topps Card]

And any post about 1993 Topps would be incomplete if I didn't post the best Kirby Puckett card ever:

#200 Kirby Puckett


Ryan H said…
Glad you got it for only 10 bucks. My LCS is a total joke and they have the same box on the shelf with a price tag of 50 bucks!
Wilson said…
Very nice, the golds are some of my favorites. And they're always better on a Hall Of Famer like Gwynn.