My Favorite Mars Attacks Sketch Card Isn't An Official Mars Attacks Sketch Card

I've been collecting the Mars Attacks Heritage sketch cards like crazy and you can easily find a nice black and white pencil or ink version for under $15.00.  But add color be it ink or paint then the auction price can easily hit over $100.  This masterpiece comes from me the Cardboard Junkie and it my new favorite Mars Attacks sketch card!

And on the reverse side we have the artists signature.  

Just as beautiful as the sketch card was dayf's business card that was also included in the package.  This was designed by PunkRockPaint who designs fake baseball cards over on The Baseball Card Blog.  When I first pulled this from the box I thought, "cool, dayf sent me an original Allen & Ginter."  But upon further inspection it was way better!


Nachos Grande said…
I don't know which card is more awesome! Actually, I have to go with the Ginter-esque one just because I love me some Ginter.
Jeremy said…
The sketch is really nice. So is the PRP card.