Earlier This Summer I Got To Meet Cecil Cooper

Earlier in the summer I asked readers to help me pick which Cecil Cooper card I should have autographed at a card show in Marshfield, WI.  The overwhelming winner was his 1978 Topps card and I had that tucked into my shirt pocket as I made my way to the show.

There was quite a good turn out I thought for the middle of Wisconsin but I was in the middle of Brewer country and this was one of Harvey's Wallbangers.  I was about 25th in line and the line stretched out the door.

The line conveniently stretched in front of the autograph table so everyone got to get some nice photos of Cooper from about 10 feet away.

As you made your way to the signing table I found that I would upgrade my autograph that came with my admission ticket to an autographed baseball for $10 plus the cost of the ball.  So in the end I get my 1978 Topps in my shirt pocket and went another direction.  But as you may notice from my earlier photo of the crowd waiting for the signing, the lady directly ahead of me in line had two copies of the Cecil's 1978 Topps card that she was getting signed.

So in the end I walked away with this beauty.