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I've been on quite a hot streak recently in finding dirt cheap autographs at card shows and autographs have become the main part of what I've been looking for a shows.  The most I paid for a single card was $6.00 for the Bob Cerv card which I probably would have gone higher for just for my love of the movie 61*.  You may not remember but Bob Cerv was the roommate of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle during their run at Babe Ruth's record.

2010 Tristar Obak #A64 Bob Horner Autograph #51/75
2004 Upper Deck Yankees Classics #AU-2 Bob Cerv Autograph

1999 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition #BC Bruce Chen #31/50
2007 Topps Finest #RFMA-DY Delmon Young Autograph
2011 Topps Lineage #52A-DD David DeJesus Autograph
2009 Tristar Obak #A42 Gregg Jefferies #047/200
2010 Topps National Chicle #NCA-DS Denard Span Autograph
 When I first picked this up I thought, "oh, my first cut autograph."  But no, it looks to be a sticker that was made exactly to fit into this particular Obak card.  I do enjoy "The Count" inscription which sometimes I read as "The Coconut" every once in a while.

2011 Tristar Obak John Montefusco Autrograph #02/25

In a recent article in Sports Collectors Daily, Stale Gum wrote about the biggest Rookie Card flops of all time and Todd Van Poppel topped the list.  Nevertheless, I can proudly say I spent $3.00 on a Todd Van Poppel card in 2012 with this autographed card from 1996 Leaf Signature Series.  Now, did Brien Taylor have any certified autographs?
1996 Leaf Signature Series Todd Van Poppel Autograph

2011 Lost The Complete Series Adetokumboh McCormack Autograph
2008 Donruss Threads #130 Wilson Ramos Autograph #680/999
2011 Topps Tier One #OR-JZ Jordan Zimmerman #521/999
2007 Just Rookies #JR-29 Desmond Jennings Autograph

Collecting Fausto Carmona autographs has become a nice little pastime seeing that Fausto Carmona is really Robert Hernandez and is slowly making his way back to the big leagues.

2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts #FL-FC Fausto Carmona Auto #21/99
2008 UD Goudey Fausto Carmona Autograph


Dhoff said…
Some fantastic autos here. Nice finds.
Great assortment of autos.
jacobmrley said…
In retrospect, doesn't Fausto Carmona's autograph kinda look like "Roberto Hernandez"?