**UPDATED** Are There Art Garfunkel Drawn Mars Attacks Heritage Sketch Cards Out There???


Eagle-eyed reader Seth B. tracked down an example of Art Grafunkel's Mars Attacks Heritage sketch cards.  This one was posted on the Mars Attacks Facebook page:

I really like the use of "ZAPPED!!!!!!" as there aren't too many examples of sketches that use text as well as pictures.

Thanks again Seth!

Has anyone actually ever read the complete list of Mars Attacks Heritage artists?  Take a look again at the list of artists Topps hired to draw their Mars Attacks Heritage cards.  Be sure to click on the image to make it nice and big.  Now read the second artists down in the third column from the left.

So are there really Mars Attacks Heritage cards out there drawn by Art Garfunkel?

So far nothing has shown up on eBay related to Art Garfunkel and Mars Attacks so is it all just a joke or a are there really super short printed Art Garfunkel sketches out there somewhere?  I sent a message to @RealMarsAttacks on Twitter to try to get to the bottom of the possibility of Mr. Bridge Over Trouble Water drawing cards for Topps.

Turns out that the artist list that was published had a mis-print and actually an Art Grafunkel drew some sketch cards for Mars Attacks Heritage.  I haven't been able to find any examples of his Mars Attacks work yet but here are some samples from his work in the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull set from a few years ago:

 These can be found on eBay here.