Show and Tell #120: Coot Veal And The Vealtones Are #1 With A Bullet

Dustin's blog name Coot Veal and the Vealtones reminds me of something I read somewhere [I'm getting old...] that if Radiohead were making music in the 50's their names would be something like Thommy Yorke and the Radioheads.  But I digress...

This trade started [as all great trades should!] with an e-mail asking if I would be interested in a '51 Bowman Andy Pafko with a few war wounds.  HELL YES! was the reply and I would send some ancient Tigers back to Mr. Coot Veal.  

Here's the card in question and when I look at it I see a kid in the 50's who lined up his baseball cards and shot them with bee bees like they were targets.  

1951 Bowman #103 Andy Pafko

Dustin also sent a whole bunch of cards off my collecting list including this untouched Robin Yount scratch card:

1981 Topps Scratch Off #10 Robin Yount

Also included were an assortment of Jim Thome cards showing the breadth of teams that Jim has played for. We have cards from his seasons with the White Sox, Phillies, Indians, and Twins.  Thanks again Dustin!

2006 Topps Turkey Red #370 Jim Thome
2004 Fleer Platinum #99 Jim Thome

1993 Donruss ##171 Jim Thome
2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection #65 Jim Thome

1992 Topps #768 Jim Thome

2012 Topps #97 Jim Thome/Twins Checklist
1993 Fleer #222 Jim Thome


Dhoff said…
So that's where those holes come from. Of course! Bee bee target practice.

Glad you liked what I sent.