The Rookie Card Series: Tony La Russa

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

Even though he retired from managing last year, Tony La Russa has "managed" to aggravate baseball fans throughout the nation with his All-Star game managing tactics.  Most frustrating is the decision to start Matt Cain instead of R.A. Dickey as the National League's starting pitcher.

I picked up this card shortly after the Cardinals won the World Series last season.  Because of La Russa's limited career he only has three Topps cards from his playing days.  There is this 1964 card and then a card four years later in the 1968 set.  Another four years brought a final card in the 1972 set.  His rookie card is of course the most valuable with a mint copy getting about $30.00.

1964 Topps #244 Tony LaRussa [Rookie Card]


LaRussa'a a tool, and shouldn't be managing the all-star game. HE was the one who chose to retire from the game.

Mike Schmidt retired in May 1989, was voted the starting all-star 3rd baseman by the fans, but did not play. I don't remember if the rules dictated this, or if he had too much respect for the game to insist on playing after he ad already retired, but I suspect it was the latter.

LaRussa should be satisfied with his accomplishments while active, and leave this year's game to those that are still IN the game.

As I said, a 1st class tool.