July 21, 2012

**Update -- We've Found The Artist** My First eBay Mars Attacks Heritage Sketch Card Has Arrived

The good folks at Topps pointed me in the direction that the illustrator of this card could be Rob Teranishi and I think that they are correct.  Here's another example of his sketch card which is similar to mine only with the Statue of Liberty.   


I picked up this really great detailed pencil sketch card before the sketch card auctions got rolling and I'm sure it could go today for easily double what I paid for it.  Here we have the Sphinx with a little more damage than normal undoubtedly due to the Martian space ships floating overhead.

The illustrator of this card is a little hard to decipher as the signature doesn't match up too easily with Topps' list of Mars Attacks Heritage artists.  What do you think that signature is exactly?  Could it be?


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