Mars Attacks Heritage Sketch Cards Go Modern or Should Topps Have Rejected Some Of These Sketch Cards?

Over the past few days I've looked at just about every Mars Attack Heritage sketch card that's available on eBay and I've purchased quite a few.  But one group of cards done by artist Jason Hughes is very perplexing and for lack of a better way to describe them he seems to have taken a nice looking card and gone a little Jackson Pollack on them by dripping paint on the card with no discerning pattern.  I've posted a few examples below and you can find all of his auction here.

I'm trying really hard to not question an artist intention but each of these sketches would be one of the top black and white sketch cards out there but with the odd coloring they are only going to sell at rock bottom prices.  Plus, should Topps have possibly rejected these as not being of the quality that they would include in the set?


madding said…
They may as well be food stained or coffee stained. Yikes.
Having worked for Topps doing sketch cards, I know that artists are payed piece meal per card at a few bucks a pop. In order to make a decent paycheck, many artists churn out what they can - anything they can.

Topps is the Disney World of cards. Turn over your cheap labor as much as you can - someone is always willing to work for less.
Eric L said…
I like the orange/red splotched alien ones, but I agree that the two spaceship ones are less than appealing.