Mars Attacks Heritage New Universe Insert Set Checklist And Scans

A little while ago I highlighted the Deleted Scenes inserts from the new Mars Attacks Heritage set and now we'll take a look at the other major insert set, the New Universe.  This set includes 15 cards showing captions from the Mars Attacks! comic book series published by IDW Publishing.  Here's the insert set's checklist:

1.  Invasion Is Imminent
2.  Early Encounters
3.  Readying For War
4.  The Novas Vira
5.  Dead On Arrival
6.  Sinking Ship
7.  London Falling
8.  The Best Defense
9.  Sic 'Em
10.  Changing Face Of Evil
11.  Ordinary Heroes
12.  Vigilance=Victory
13.  Lord Of The Fleas
14.  Patriot Act
15.  Settling The Score

And here are the scans:

#1 Invasion Is Imminent
#2 Early Encounters
#3 Readying For War
#4 The Novas Vira
#5 Dead On Arrival
#6 Sinking Ship
#7 London Falling
#8 The Best Defense
#9 Sic 'Em
#10 Changing Face Of Evil
#11 Ordinary Heroes
#12 Vigilance = Victory
#13 Lord Of The Fleas
#14 Patriot Act
#15 Settling The Score