July 13, 2012

Mars Attacks Heritage Deleted Scenes Insert Set Checklist And Scans

In the new Mars Attacks Heritage set the cards I was most looking forward to were the "Deleted Scenes" insert set.  These were new versions of cards that were originally proposed for the 1962 set but were abandoned as being too gory and never completed.  There are 10 cards in this insert set and I was able to  get two complete insert set in my hobby box.

Here's the complete checklist along with scans of each card.

1.  Death by Impalement
2.  Moscow Under Siege
3.  The Chaos Spreads
4.  Blood On City Streets
5.  Robot Army Attacks
6.  Battle in the Sky
7.  Robots on the Run
8.  On Enemy Turf
9.  Flames of Vengeance
10.  A Martian's Last Stand

#1 Death By Impalement
#2 Moscow Under Siege
#3 The Chaos Spreads
#4 Blood On City Streets
#5 Robot Army Attacks
#6 Battle In The Sky
#7 Robots On The Run
#8 On Enemy Turf
#9 Flames Of Vengeance
#10 A Martian's Last Stand
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