Joe The Giant Killer

Sometimes you find the card and sometimes the card finds you.  I purchased a card on eBay and I looked a the other cards the seller had available to combine shipping.  This was listed for $1.00 and I swooped in fast.  The card offered no scan of the back of the card and so I had to wait until it was in-hand to know why I would love this card.

1964 Topps Giants #26 Joe Torre
If you've never seen the back of the 1964 Giants set they look a newspaper cover story.   Joe's cover page proclaims "Torre Top Hitting Backstop."

Upon reading the article I find my hometown of Eau Claire, WI is mentioned directly.  In the 50's and 60's Eau Claire was home to the Eau Claire Braves which served as a farm team for the Milwaukee Braves.  Joe spent on season with the Bears in 1960 before moving up to AAA and the big leagues.

This one has become one of my favorite Eau Claire related cards.


Anonymous said…
Awesome pickup! I don't know why the 1964 Giants are more popular, but I shouldn't complain; the SP's are already hard enough to find...
Anonymous said…
...Why they AREN'T more popular. Sheesh. Me speaking the English real good.