Is Anyone Going To Work On the 2012 Ginter Code?

Is anyone going to work on the 2012 Ginter Code?

If so, here are some scans of the Ginter Code cards that I've pulled.  I've got three so far which I think is slightly beating the odds.

Willow Cove Trainyard

Lennie's Wallet

Joey Furts

The card lets you know that Joey Furts has a twitter account at @allin4thewin and so far he has published one tweet.  

The reverse side of the main Ginter Code card also directs you to the official twitter account of the Codemaster @thegintercode.  The Codemaster hasn't tweeted since February 28th so there haven't been any hints posted for the 2012 code quite yet.  


Nachos Grande said…
I would like to give it a whirl this year...
dayf said…
I'm not specifically trying to crack the code but I do plan to hassle the characters on Twitter.