Heartbreaking Damage: Character Issues

The hottest topic going around the card blogs are "cards with character" ...aka vintage cards that are FUBAR. Thanks to Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji for inspiring this unofficial Blog Bat Around.  

These were all a quarter each at a card show I recently attended and the seller saw me looking at them and offered me $3.00 for the lot.  This first group of six cards are just some rough 1954 Bowman cards with creases and severe wear.

#34 Sammy White
#69 Clint Courtney
#70 Willard Marshall
#222 Memo Luna
#12 Roy McMillan
#187 Vernon Law

While this next group have a little more character as they have either been trimmed [usually to the top half an inch is gone] or they've been marked with a pencil or sometimes both.  

#195 Bob Cain
#24 Bob Porterfield
#207 Stan Lopata
#165 Johnny Groth
#61 Eddie Miksis
#17 Tom Gorman
#111 Murry Dickson
#180 Joe Tipton
#33 Vic Raschi
#16 Jim Wilson
#40 Gil Coan
#120 Mel Hoderlein
#127 Del Ennis

All in all, this was a great collection of cards, with character, that I love to stumble upon.


Eric C. Loy said…
The Memo Luna card always struck me...it looks like a regular painting rather than a painted photograph, the cap is an odd shape, and there is no autograph. Check out the Groth card uniform...Bowman had a lot of trouble with the first year Os. There is an apostrophe between the e and s!
Matt Flaten said…
I had never seen that card before finding it in the box. I'll now have to track down a better version.