Condorman's One Fan Tears Me A New One

Back in December, I wrote about the obscenity that is Condorman.  Well some guy named Oswald found the post recently and sent me this e-mail:

"actually condorman was based on the novel 'the game of "X"' by robert sheckley and hawkmans wings arent attached to his body, they are also a pack made of magical "Nth" metal that defies gravity, from technology of the planet thanagar, hence the belts across his chest holding it on. dont go making wild acusations about condorman next time dork! its called research! wikipedia much?1?"

So I looked up what Wikipedia was and found this:  Condorman was inspired by a book written in 1965 while Hawkman is a famous Golden Age comic book character that dates back from 1940.  So you are right, Disney didn't rip off DC comic's character, Robert Sheckley did.  A thousand pardons, Oswald.


Todd Uncommon said…
Looks like the time is right to launch a new rip-off based on evolutionarily struggling birds of prey. Perhaps "Ospreylad"?
Casey said…
"wikipedia much?1?"

Scholarly sources or it didn't happen.