Checking The Checklist

As any good vintage set builder knows there are sometimes when you've to get the old set out and flip through page by page to double check your needs list actually matches what you need.  I did that today with my 1971 Topps set and wouldn't you know it there were two cards I had marked off as complete.

So it was eight steps forward [with these eight cards I've taken off the list] and two steps backward [with the two cards I discovered I was missing].  Here are my new cards:

#643 Rick Reichardt
#668 Gary Neibauer

#671 Bill Voss
#679 Don O'Riley
#711 Larry Stahl
#691 Bob Heise

This is my favorite new card.  Not only was it a dirt cheap short print but I love the blue sky/red jersey combination plus that signature is great especially the "F" and "Y" in Foy.

#706 Joe Foy
Plus these rookie cards are great so see how the player's career's panned out.  Wayne Redmond played a total of nine games over two seasons, Keith Lampard played in 62 games over two seasons, and the major's first Bernie Williams played in 102 games over four seasons.

#728 N.L. Outfielders Rookie Stars