Before Mars Attacks Heritage There Was WIDEVISION

In 1996 Topps put out a set of Mars Attacks cards promoting Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! movie.  These cards were made in "Widevision" which were super wide cards that mainly showed shots from the film.  They also offer some really interesting detail that wasn't available in the original set or in the movie itself.  Here we get to see the Martian body up close:

As well as a very detailed look at the Martian anatomy:

Some of the cards in the 1996 stays close to the traditions of the orginal 1962 cards.  We have a few cards  honoring one of the most horrific cards from the first set "Destroying A Dog."  Here we "roast a retriever" instead.

They aren't afraid of a gross out card of Congress being obliterated.  

If you haven't seen Mars Attacks! in a while you may have forgotten it's one of Jack Black's first films and this is assuredly his Rookie Card!  You also get cameos of Tom Jones and Joe Don Baker a.k.a. Mystery Science Theater's Mitchell!

Inserted into 1:9 packs are foil cards that commemorate the cards from the original series.  Here we have an updated version of the "Prize Captive" with the damsel in distress looking more like a barbie doll and a little more buxom.