The Autograph That Should Have Been In 2012 Allen and Ginter

While everyone is talking about the the autographs that are being discovered in 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter, from Kate Upton to Bobby Knight, I'm following an autograph that is disappointingly not in the set.  I'm talking with should have been All-Star game starter R.A. Dickey.  He only has one certified autograph currently and that comes from 2004 Upper Deck.

Recently completed eBay auctions range from about $80 to as much as $200.00 for the card but it sure would have been nice to have a certified framed autograph in this year's Allen and Ginter.

If you've got about 40 minutes of free time I highly recommend you listen to R.A. being interviewed on Fresh Air.  It's a great look at what it's like to be a knuckle ball pitcher in the majors as well as his compelling life story.