Andy Pafko 1952 Topps #1 Auction Kings Segment

On last week's episode of Auction Kings a couple brought in a graded copy of Andy Pafko's 1952 Topps #1 card to be auctioned.  Here's that segment of the show:

In the end, the card sold for $650 which is several hundred dollars more than you can find on eBay. Here are two recently completed auctions for 1.5 graded versions and one sold for $99 and one for $150.


Eric L said…
I too saw this episode and told my wife that the buyer over paid. I sometimes wonder if the card segments on these types of shows (American Pickers, PawnStars, etc.) are sponsored by Beckett to get people to think that card prices are really high, regardless of their real sales price on ebay.