Which Card Should I Bring To The Cecil Cooper Signing?

I discovered that this Saturday Brewers [and Red Sox] great Cecil Cooper will be having an autograph session at a card show in Marshfield, WI.  It is being held at something called the Oak Avenue Community Center and here's a little more information about the signing which will be from 2pm-5pm and costs $10.

Marshfield is a couple hours from where I'm staying but I don't have anything going on on Saturday so I'm planing to get a card signed but the question is which Cooper card should I have signed???  We can eliminate several cards right away, meaning his cards that are already signed.  

We can also eliminate any card with with Cecil as a Red Sox because for me he will always be a Brewer.  We can also get rid of cards that are too busy and a signature just won't work.

Plus, I can't really get my new favorite Cooper card autographed...I've never really heard of too many relic cards that are then signed in person.  I pulled this out of a retail pack of Topps Archives the other day.

2012 Topps Archives #56R-CC Cecil Cooper Bat Relic

So this leaves us with a couple of good options.  Here are the top four contenders to get signed.  

We'll start with the what I think is the nicest looking photography wise and the card design has a lot of great space for an autograph.  

2007 Upper Deck #48 Cecil Cooper #492/575
I really enjoy this card because you get to see the entire jersey including those great blue stirrups over yellow socks and the green grass and jersey would let the signature be really visible.

1978 Topps #154 Cecil Cooper

I think a nice signature directly under the "Milwaukee" on his jersey but this Fleer design as never been one of my favorites. 

1981 Fleer #639 Cecil Cooper

The home jersey and the photograph placement gives a great spot to put the signature that should be very readable.
1985 Fleer #580 Cecil Cooper
So which should I choose?

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot?
1978 Topps?
1981 Fleer?
1985 Fleer?


Jason T. Carter said…
My vote is for '78.

I got a George Foster bat card signed a few years ago. He tried to sign the card but the gloss wouldn't allow the ink to take, so he signed the actual bat part instead. I think it looks great.

JT, The Writer's Journey
I'd also go for the 78. It's a beauty and the sig should show well.
night owl said…
'78 was my first thought before I even saw any of the cards. It's the first card I think of when I think of Cooper.
I'd vote for the '78. The card will look great with a signature, especially because there is a facsimile one already on it.
CaptKirk42 said…
Dang it I didn't want to be part of a crowd but the '78 is the best bet, 2nd place to the '81 Fleer.
JediJeff said…
I'm liking the 85 Fleer.
jacobmrley said…
Well, since it is nearly unanimous, I say the 1978.
dayf said…
Even though my natural obnoxiousness is compelling me to vote Sweet Spot just to be different, you gotta get that '78 signed.
Matt Flaten said…
1978 it is! Thanks everyone for your input!
gcrl said…
coop signed a 78 for me ttm a while back. you won't be disappointed!