Twins/A's Game

On Tuesday night I got to go to my first Twins game at Target Field as they were playing the A's.  Tuesday was also my wedding great is my wife, right?  

The Twins had the worst record in baseball, the A's had lost six games in a row, and the forecast for the night game was going to be somewhere in the 40's by the time the game would be over so I was expecting a pretty low turnout.  

I hadn't really done much research into who would be the scheduled pitchers for the game and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jarrod Parker would be the A's pitcher.  He pitched a great game, keeping the Twins scoreless throughout his six innings and allowing only four hits.  

I've been to quite a few Twins games over the years, some in the Metrodome, some when they would come down and play the Royals in Kansas City.  Throughout all those games I've never before managed to see both Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau in the line up together.  So win or lose, this game was going to be a memorable one.

At one point it looks like someone was going to hand T.C. a flame thrower...not a good idea.

Also stopped in at Hrbek's which is a sports bar named after Twins great 1st baseman Kent Hrbek.  Now there is someone who should have been in the Topps Fan Favorites autograph set.

In the 9th inning, the Twins put in reliever Glen Perkins which was a personal victory for me.  I collect Glen's cards as he's about as close I'm going to get to personally knowing a professional player.  He got into a little trouble by walking three batters but he was able to get out of the inning without giving up a run.

As it would turn out, Glen would also be the winning pitcher of the game as in the bottom of the 9th, Josh Willingham hit a three run walk off home run to win the game for the Twins.  It was the most epic ending to a game I've ever seen in person!


Rhubarb_Runner said…
Isn't Target Field a beautiful ballpark? And you picked a great game to go to.

Unfortunately, living in the StL area I end up seeing the Twins in KC more than the Twin Cities. Not that Kaufmann isn't a nice ballpark, but it's always 95F and 95% humitity! Still, I hope to catch a Twins game there the end of July.
Nice pics!

Our anniversary was May 31st. We celebrated the previous week-end. My wife checked on ball games without even telling me. There was NO Ohio team playing at home that week-end ! Major league, minor league, not even the Frontier League Lake Erie Crushers !
Unknown said…
Man, that was a ridiculous game. Glad you were able to go!

Weird idea... we should do a Card Blogger Twins Game outing some time. Eh? EHH?