Thoughts On The Yu Darvish Left Handed Card

So word came out yesterday that in Topps Series 2 there will be a Yu Darvish card showing him winding up to make a pitch left handed.  Here's the card in question, with the photo lifted from The Beckett News site.

I find it interesting that Topps went back to the reverse negative well [I call it that even though the photo isn't really a reverse negative] and specifically they seem to be honoring an infamous mistake that was made in the 1959 Topps set.  In that set, Braves pitcher Lou Burdette was pictured as a left handed pitcher when the back of the card listed him as a right hander.

1959 Topps #440 Lou Burdette

I've written about this card before highlighting that many fans wrote into Topps to complain about the problem.  If only they had Twitter back then it could have saved them some time.  Ultimately it's yet another card that I will never pull and I seriously doubt will have any affect on people buying additional packs or boxes of Series 2 in hopes of finding it.