Rare Pafko Autograph Cleans Up On eBay

Andy Pafko has signed [and continues to sign] A LOT of baseball cards and memorabilia through the years.  He is a staple of TTM collectors as a reliable signer as well.  So his autographs, while valuable typically don't command the highest prices.  With the exception of his most famous card, the 1952 Topps #1 [which can vary in price from around $150 to several thousand], few ungraded cards every come close to getting to three figures.  That is, with the exception of this card which finished on eBay yesterday.

This red ink variation autograph from 2001 Topps Heritage is numbered to only /52 copies and I've never seen one listed on eBay in the time I've followed Andy Pafko auctions closely.  The auction ended at just about $125 and while it's great to see a Pafko card do so well I wouldn't have minded owning it for myself.


Paul Hadsall said…
I guess I'm more of an autograph collector than a card collector at this point. I can't figure out why anyone would pay that much of a premium just because the card is signed in red and numbered /52.