My Prometheus Review

**If you haven't seen Prometheus quite yet you might not want to read further.  But you could just scroll down to the bottom of this post and take a look at the 1979 Topps Alien sticker set that I picked up from eBay.**

So Friday night was Prometheus night for me.  I had briefly considered doing my first Thursday midnight showing in about a decade but didn't go through.  I bought my tickets early thinking that the Friday night showings were certainly going to be sold out. Boy was I wrong as I would say the theater was a little more than half full.

I went with my friend Scott and before going in I made an off hand comment that I was a little worried that the film could not possibly live up to the trailers.  I can't remember the last preview that I've watched obsessively trying to get as much information as I could from it.

It lived up to the beauty of the shots from the trailer and there were several shots, most notably when the alien ship crashes, that will enter the special effects Hall of Fame.  And while the beauty of the movie is without question, the story leaves a lot to be desired.  Most notably as to why anyone would claim that this is not a "prequel" to the Alien movies.  I mean, yes, it doesn't lead directly to the Alien movie but the god damn Alien from Alien is in Prometheus.  I warned you about spoilers!

It is one of those movies that you think about and think about after you leave the theater and the more you think about it the less and less the motivations of the actors make sense and the overall film seems to have many plot holes.  Redlettermedia, put together a nice collection of questions have at the end of the film.  Damon Lindelof, writer of Prometheus and one of the brainchild of Lost, tweeted he could answer four of the questions!

To me, the biggest philosophical problem I have is the question regarding the dinosaurs.  If you enjoyed that little clip there is a longer version of it at the Red Letter Media page.

Unfortunately I haven't heard anything yet regarding a Prometheus card set.  Back in 1979, Topps did make an Alilen card set in honor of the first movie and I recently purchased the sticker insert set from eBay.  The set is made up of close up photos of the main actors from the film.  I am most excited by card #1 in the series which is of Yaphet Kotto who plays Parker the Chief Engineer on the Nostromo.  In his acting career he has been a James Bond villian [see Live and Let Die] and a detective in one of the best 70's crime movies [see Across 110th of Jackie Brown will remember that films memorable score].  For me though he is best remembered as Lt. Al Giardello in my favorite cop drama, Homicide.

The remaining cards show scenes from the movie.  Unfortunately there is only one card of the Alien itself, which is the last card in the sticker set, but we do get two stickers of the Space I've highlighted before.

And in case you wondered who Topps was marketing these card to, adults or children, all you need to do is flip on of the stickers over.  The reverse side has one of five advertisements ranging from Ring Pops to Card Sports Locker to hold your cards that was made by Topps.


CaptKirk42 said…
*fingers in ears*LALALALALALALA I'M NOT LISTENING...LALALALALALA. Oh cool stickers. OK so I'm gonna wait till I see this sucker, which with my record I should scroll-up right now and just read the sucker, cause I probably won't watch it till I get the DVD a couple of months after it's already been out and after I've had the DVD for about a year. :)
Durotrigan said…
'Prometheus' is certainly at times a good-looking film, at others an ugly one, and contains the occasional shock and a number of stomach-churning moments for the squeamish; but it is underscripted, underplotted and lacks a satisfying conclusion. Originality was absent, and even its best characters are two-dimensional. Thus, it is a long way removed from the original Alien film, Blade Runner or Gladiator, but it does make for a reasonable couple of hours entertainment on a rainy afternoon: