Heartbreaking Damage: Giving Eddie Mathews The Hitler Treatment

**In this series we highlight the cards that may have seen better days but the rough times these cards have seen have made them infinitely more interesting.**

I found this one in a "vintage card in poor condition" box at the TCSCC show in the Twin Cities last weekend.  This 1962 Post got the ball point pen treatment and, to me, it looks like someone gave Cap'n Eddie the ol' Hitler treatment.  When you think of Hitler mustache [and I'm sure you do!] only two names spring to mind.  Hitler [obviously] and Michael Jordan and one kid in the 60's wanted to add another person to that list.  
1962 Post #147 Eddie Mathews
And turning it over it just get better.  You need to divide 29,900 by 572?  Why not just grab a future Hall of Famer's baseball card that you cut out of a cereal box and just use the flip side to do your calculations.  

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dayf said…
Two points of order:

1) Eddie has a walrus mustache there as it completely covers the top lip and droops over the sides.

2) Charlie Chaplain, Oliver Hardy, Barty Crouch from the Harry Potter movies. Three more toothbrush wearing gents off the top of my head, all better than Hitler and MJ.
Unknown said…
That mustache is far too robust to be a hitler mustache. That's at least a Selleck.
Cory said…
I wonder if that 572 represents months. that is one long mortgage!