Give These Autographs A New Home

At a recent card show I bought a grab bag of cards for $4.00 and the bag guaranteed an autograph or game used relic.  I pulled this autograph from 2003 NL Rookie of the Year Dontrelle Willis.  He's currently pitching in the Orioles farm system after pitching for the Diamondbacks and Reds over the past two seasons.

I have this exact autograph already and so I'm giving it up to my readers.  I realize that this isn't exactly the most enticing prize so I'll up the ante with another autograph...this one is from Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock!

To win these autographs leave a comment below answering the following question.

I recently moved from Kansas to Wisconsin and I moved my entire card collection during the move.  To win leave a comment telling me how many of the Super Shoe Boxes make up my baseball card collection.  As a tie breaker tell me how many points are going to be scored by both teams in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Happy guessing!


Stealing Home said…
super boxes: 25

nba score:

team1: 87
team2: 101
total: 188
Josh D. said…
16 boxes
201 points
Spiegel83 said…
10 shoe boxes

211 points
Daniel Wilson said…
12 Super Shoe Boxes

187 total points
Dawgbones said…
I'll say 17 shoe boxes
196 points
Spankee said…
13 boxes.

OKC is at home, so I'm saying 102 and the heat will struggle with D-Wade taking way too long to get going, so they'll do 92. So, 194 all together.
21 Boxes full.

204 points total.
JediJeff said…
16 Boxes.

188 total points.
AdamE said…
8 boxes

183. points
18 boxes

179 total points.
Rosenort said…
9 Boxes
199 Points
Chunter said…
23 boxes; 97 + 85 = 182 [points]
Dan said…
33 boxes
215 points
BA Benny said…
15 boxes.

187 points
The Dimwit said…
12 boxes

112 Points for OKC
104 Points for Miami
11 boxes


192 total.
MyBrainAide said…
22 Monster boxes

192 Total pts.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Marc said…
20 Boxes
OKC: 99 Points
Miami: 96 Points
Total: 195 Points
unclemoe said…
12 boxes
220 points

16 boxes

team 1:105
team 2: 107

total: 112

Mariner1 said…
27 boxes.

207 points combined.
Commishbob said…
18 shoe boxes
182 points (who is playing?)
30 boxes and 191 points!
Dhoff said…
35 Super Shoe Boxes
199 points
Skroeker said…
13 boxes
176 points