Countdown To Prometheus

Friday brings us to the arrival of Prometheus in America [most the rest of the world has had the movie for about a week] and I can't wait.  I'm a pretty big follower of upcoming movie and trailers but somehow Prometheus being an Alien prequel [sort of] slipped passed me until I saw the now legendary preview late last year.  

Well, today the Prometheus trailer got turned up to 11 with a version made up entirely out of paper.

I think the that paper version of Idris Elba is going to my avatar for years to come.

And it lines up very nicely with the real image from the trailer.

But I think the most interesting parts of the trailer are the flashing split second scenes showing what looks to be the Space Jockey from the first Aliens movie.  And the paper version does the Space Jockey justice I think.

And the Space Jockey as seen in the trailer.

Which brings me to one of my most favorite cards that I've picked up this year.  This is the Space Jockey from the original Alien movie card set...and the best part is it's a sticker.    

1979 Topps Alien Sticker #15 Space Jockey
You can find complete sets of the stickers on eBay ranging from from $10-$25 dollars.


I won't spam you. I'm also STOKED for the film tomorrow! You putting up a review?
CaptKirk42 said…
I must have just crawled out from under my huge rock. I didn't realize this was realated the the Alien Franchise.
jacobmrley said…
I have not seen nor heard anyone else point this out, so I need some verification that in this specific instance, I am not crazy.
The repeated industrial sound from the Prometheus trailer...

...sounds a little too much like the scream

that opens Dark Side of the Moon.

Matt Flaten said…
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Matt Flaten said…
CarlCrawfordCards: I'm going to the Friday night and I'll probably write up shortly after that.

CaptKirk42: It's not really a prequel but it is in the same universe. I'm not sure yet if we get to see an actual Alien yet though. Been avoiding the reviews of it not to spoil anything.