And The Winner Is...

Here's the original contest post.  The winner would be the person who successfully guessed the amount of Super Shoe Boxes that made up my baseball card collection.  Just before I moved a few weeks ago I cleaned out/donated all my extra commons and so for the first time at the moment my collection is really just cards I want to keep.

So the main part of my collection is divided into 11 boxes divided this way:

Box #1.  Hank Aaron -- George Brett
Box #2.  George Brett -- Willie Davis
Box #3.  Andrew Dawson -- Alex Gordon
Box #4.  Tom Gordon -- Ryan Howard
Box #5.  Ryan Howard --Chuck Knoblauch
Box #6.  Paul Konerko -- Mark McGwire
Box #7.  Mark McGwire -- Gaylord Perry
Box #8.  Jim Perry -- Nolan Ryan
Box #9.  CC Sabathia -- Frank Thomas
Box #10.  Gorman Thomas -- Dave Winfield
Box #11.  Kerry Wood -- Barry Zito

Plus, I have a box of just my political cards and two boxes for miscellaneous rookies that I hope will be super stars one day.   So in the end I have 14 boxes which no one guessed exactly.  We do have two people who were each one box off.   We had Spankee guessing 13 boxes while BA Benny guessed 15.  So we needed to go to the tie breaker which was the number of points scored in Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight.  

Spankee -- 194 points
BA Benny -- 187 points

Tonight's game had 199 points and so our winner is Spankee of the My Cardboard Mistress blog who was only five points off.  Congratulations! 


Spankee said…
Woohoo! Sorry BA Benny!