Putting The Blog On Pause

I'm placing the blog on pause for the next few weeks as I'll be in the middle of moving back to the land of Cheeseheads, Brewers, and Badgers.  I haven't had to move my card collection for four years and it has expanded greatly so that should be a fun endeavor.  So if you happen to be sending me a package any time soon, please hold off for the next few weeks and I can get this set.

To tide you over here is a great remake of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video.  Before seeing this new video I didn't think I would be humanly possible to improve upon "Sabotage" but we live in an unpredictable world don't we?  

And here is the original video to give you a reminder of how great that was:



dayf said…
Cool! I have a month to make the arts!

If I were forced to move my collection I'd just torch the whole thing and ride off into the sunset at this point.
I'm almost for Dayf's idea and I'm not even moving! Good luck!
AdamE said…
As someone who moved their collection twice recently I feel for you. I did however leave everything that wasn't a Red Sox in Missouri making it allot easier.