Mascots x 6

I think it's safe to say that each year as we open out new packs from new products we always keep in the back of our minds a mental inventory of our favorite new card.  Towards the end of the year many of us will blog about our selections.  As we search for this year's perfect card there are some cards that must be set aside because they are so perfect it is simply unfair to compare them with the rest of the new cards.  Mainly I'm speaking about any cards featuring the Milwaukee Brewers mascot, Bernie Brewer.  The mustache, the green eyes, and how confident must a man be to be comfortable in public wearing overalls?

#M-1 Bernie Brewer

And here are some newly aquired 2012 Topps Opening Day mascot cards I needed:

#M-10 Pirate Parrot
#M-12 Paws
#M-6 Raymond
#M2 Baltimore Oriole
#M-7 Mr. Met


Commishbob said…
They should have just put "The Bird" on the O's mascot card. That's what I always referred to him as. I always thought that was his official name. All the team issued postcards I have use "The Bird".