It Doesn't Feel Like I'm Buying A Card Magazine

It doesn't feel like I'm buying a card magazine with this big green box over the cover.  Beckett should really consider doing this and maybe include some free cards with their magazines as well and I might consider buying an issue for  $10 .  Here are three promo cards that were included in my issue highlighting a new Marvel set, a Tarzan set, and a new card set for The Big Bang Theory.  


Captain Canuck said…
okay... I'll ask. I bought that magazine back in march and it had the same cards, but no big green box over the cover, it was just clear plastic.

why is yours all green?
Matt Flaten said…
Did yours have a second price guide included? It was in plastic I would imagine to keep the two magazine and envelope of cards together. No idea why it looks like a prono mag though.
Fuji said…
Love the Big Bang Theory promo card!