I Searched 2012 Topps Archives Packs Today

I did something this morning I hadn't done in well over a year: I called a baseball card shop to see if a new product was in stock.  They told me that 2012 Topps Archives hadn't arrived yet but they were expecting it in the afternoon.  So I went around and found Archives in person today at Target and while there was a box of retail packs I went with two value packs instead.  

As in previous releases you can clearly see the name of the bottom card on the reverse side of these value packs. "Do I dare?" I thought to myself.   So I pulled a few of the packs off the rack and took a look to see if there were any Bryce Harper or Yu Darvish rookie cards staring back at me.  No such luck, but I did find packs with Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau base cards.

Here are the two cards for which I denigrated myself to the lowest of the low.   More detailed scans of these packs will soon be up on Heartbreaking Cards' sister blog A Pack To Be Named Later.  

#90 Joe Mauer
#175 Justin Morneau


GCA said…
That's not pack searching, it's cherry picking. There's a difference. You're not physically abusing a pack looking for a $2 relic card, you're just picking packs with cards you know you want. Pack molestors don't buy unless they find a prize hit. Pickers buy packs either way. No harm no foul, everybody's happy.
Ryan H said…
It's kind of like shopping in the produce department. If you look thru the package of lettuce and you see moldy brown leaves (crap commons) thru the packaging you leave it there. If the lettuce is green and lush (decent cards) you're definitely going to buy it. Now if you are going to mangle all the lettuce leaves up inside the package you might/should have the produce manager give you the stink eye!
Cory said…

You were just checking to see if the bar codes were aligned with the cards correctly.
Matt Flaten said…
Thank you guys for talking me out of my pack searching depression!