Heritage Mars Attacks Is Live On July 15th

Posting has been sporadic and simplistic recently as I've been moving but I had to take some time and write about that we now have an official release date for the Heritage Mars Attacks set.  It will be live on July 15th [which is a Sunday] and so we are less than two months away.  

Pre-orders are available at Dave and Adam's for only $48.95 for a hobby box.  I was wondering what the price point was going to be and I'm pleasantly surprised so I think I'll be getting two boxes rather than one.  

I haven't added any original Mars Attacks cards recently but I've got a few saved up that I haven't show yet.  Here is card #3 from the set which is the earliest numbered card that I own.  Looking at this card and the five soldiers being killed on it and it really is amazing that this set was produced at all, let alone in 1962.  

1962 Topps Mars Attacks  #3 Attacking An Army Base


Anthony Hughes said…
I am excited about this set. I have always loved the cards, and now I get to rip packs of it!