Finding Out You've Been Scammed A Year Later Or I Haven't Seen These Discounted Before

You know you are a hardcore card collector when the prospect of a new Target or a Walmart with a card section that you haven't investigated before ends up being the highlight of your day.  Or it means your life is incredibly boring. Nevertheless, it was great to stumble upon some clearance Heritage.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything too remarkable was to be found inside.  We'll start with a couple of "Then and Now" inserts

#TN-2 Frank Robinson/Miguel Cabrera Than and Now
#TN-9 Warren Spahn/Roy Halladay Then and Now

And two short prints which slightly beat the odds of one SP in every two value packs.

#493 Rookie Parade SP
#443 Brian McCann SP
I love the duo cards almost as much as I love the floating head cards.  

#306 Red Sox Rippers David Ortiz/Dustin Pedroia

Posting these also allows me to dig into my scanned images folder and dig out a card I scanned last year.  It was my first green tint card from the original 1962 set.  I picked this up at The National last year for a couple of dollars which I thought was a pretty good deal.

1962 Topps #92 Sam Jones [Green Tint]

Well, nearly a year later, I discover that this card is NOT in fact a green tint variation.  The green tints are in the second series of the cards which run from cards #110-196 and so my card #92 is clearly not anything special and the background of Mr. Jones' card just happens to be green.  Searching eBay I found an auction that is selling a "green tint" version of the Sam Jones card and so at least I'm not the only person to have fallen for this before.  If only I had just taken a second and took a look at Baseballcardpedia.