**Update: We Have A Winner** Want My Cards? Identify Mr. X

UPDATE:  We have a winner as dayf successfully figured out that Mr. X is really Dr. James Beckett, founder of the Beckett Price Guides.

I was inspired when I was at Half Priced Books last week and came upon this:

Is there any more humorous writing than an out of date price guide?  $7.48 for a 20+ year old guide seems a little crazy.  It's still a good source of resource information about various sets but still...Turning it over, I came face to face with Mr. X:

I realized that I don't think I ever actually had seen Dr. James before and so I wondered if anyone else knew him at first glance.

So congratulations to dayf, who is boycotting Topps 2012/spending his money on better things but he seems to have found a way to get about 1/3 of the set in one move.  Well played!


I've been trying to trade away my 2012 Topps cards and while I've had some success things have sort of dried up.  So I'll try the contest route instead to rid myself of these troublesome cards.

 If you are interested in winning these cards plus a jersey or auto from a player of your favorite team be the first to leave me a comment telling me who Mr. X is.

Good luck!


dayf said…
Looks like Kevin from The Office, but I have no clue. Reverse Google Image Search does nothing.
Marcus said…
kinda looks like Craig Finn from The Hold Steady, minus the hipster glasses and cool, indie-rock swagger.
CaptKirk42 said…
I"m guessing it has to do with sports somehow. It sort of looks like a DC area sportscaster Warner Wolf from back in the 70s but it could also be an age advanced picture of Jimmy Kimmel.
Matt Flaten said…

You're right, that photo is cut from a scan I made so this particular version is not anywhere else on the interwebs I believe.

Matt Flaten said…
Yes, the photo is of someone that is directly related to card collecting. It is someone who you may indirectly think about everyday and some card bloggers obsess over either positively or negatively.
I was thinking Michael Eisner.
dayf said…
AW Jeez. It's Dr. James Beckett, isn't it? I just remembered his Topps Archives card looks kinda like that.
Matt Flaten said…
You are correct dayf! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
dayf said…
I'm not boycotting! We just... we just need some time apart.

(totally falling off the wagon for A&G, I know it)
Wilson said…
I was thinking of it being the namesake of Beckett after your clue about obsessing, but I wasn't sure of the name or if Beckett was actually named after a person.
By the way, Dr. Beckett doesn't look like that anymore. I met him at the Cleveland National a few years back and he's a lot grayer now.