The Insanity Of Card Pricing

The store Vintage Stock in Topeka has the best selection of baseball card packs of any card shop in the northeast section of Kansas. Their per pack prices are ridiculous but they have a box of just about every new product out there.

They also have a few boxes of vintage singles and newer relics/autographs.  The pricing for these is equally as crazy and I think it all depends on who happens to be working the front counter when someone brings in their cards to sell the store.  It is either done by a person who looks up the book value and adds 15% or, as luck would have it, a person who knows absolutely NOTHING about baseball cards.

Take this Dontrelle Willis autograph and this 1962 Post Willie Mays that I found yesterday.

Yes, Vintage Stock, both of these cards are both worth $4.99.

Needless to say, one of these cards left the store with me.  And I'll have a more complete post of what I found in the coming days.