In Case You Missed It, Topps Did A Mars Attacks April Fool's Joke

Earlier in the week, Topps announced on their Mars Attacks Facebook page that there would be a musical based on the famous 1962 card set that would debut in 2013.  Here was the poster:

Looks interesting, right?  I saw it on Facebook and I was surprised that Beckett News didn't right up a piece about.  Frankly, I was surprised I didn't hear about this first from their News page.  I didn't really put together what was going on since the announcement wasn't actually made on April Fool's Day.  Instead, Topps announced yesterday that the it was all just a prank and musical hating fans rejoiced all over their Facebook page.

Anyway, to make it all up to you, here's another original Mars Attacks cards.  The set is pretty much Mars kicking Earth's ass for 42 cards and then the Earth starts during things around in the last 12 cards of the set.
In this one, Mars is still in full ass kicking mode using giant bugs to destroy some trains.


I think I may have actually been interested in seeing a Mars Attacks musical! DRATS, I say!
Commishbob said…
My Mom had no real problem with my collecting cards way back when. I had a paper route to fund my addiction. But she was none too pleased with the 'Mars Attacks' thing. That's probably why I didn't have all of them. Same deal with the Civil War News set.

I remember that Terror In The Railroad card because my Dad took the train to and from NYC every day. The card creeped me out.