Coach Pafko

I enjoy this card [the most recent addition to my Pafko collection] because it was possibly owned by an Andy Pafko collector much like myself.  They cared enough about being accurate that they edited their 1959 Topps card to show that Andy became a coach for the Milwaukee Braves.

1959 Topps #27 Andy Pafko1

I'm guess that this little editorial statement happened before the 1960 Topps set came out when they gave us the only card I know of that features Andy as a coach.

1960 Topps #464 Milwaukee Braves Coaches 


Myatt and Wyatt? Sounds like Milwaukee's version of Mario and Wario.

One of us! One of us!
Matt Flaten said…
I've looked at this card dozens of times and I had never noticed that until you just made that comment.