The Window For Jim Thome Cards As A Twin Is Closing Fast

For Jim Thome fans, Ryan Howard's ankle injury and infection have given us a chance to see Thome play first base and start fairly regularly.  But his return to the Phillies after a brief stop in Cleveland at the end of last season is really closing the window on any more "Thome as a Twin" cards.  He has several cards in 2012 Topps Series 1 as a Twin but I'm afraid that by the time we get to Heritage [which is in three days...which means I should stop by Target and see it anything has been put out yet!] his days as a Twinkie on cardboard might be gone for good.

Here are my latest Thome pickups:

2011 Topps Heritage #CCr-JT Jim Thome Bat Relic
2012 Topps #GS017 Jim Thome Gold Standard


Wonder if the Twins will retire 25 now. lol

Also, I still need to find one of those awesome Thome Is My Homie t-shirts.