We Know A Little Bit More About The Upcoming Mars Attacks Set

First, we have photos of what the card box looks like so we now know it's going to be called either Heritage Mars Attacks or Mars Attacks Heritage.  I hope its Mars Attacks Heritage but that "Heritage" is oddly placed so it could go either way.

We also know that each box is going to have a 1-of-1 sketch card...which could be awesome in my opinion.  I haven't seen this available yet for pre-order yet  [the set arrives in July] but I'm going to make this my first hobby box purchase in over two years.  Can't wait!


TheHitKing said…
What's the hobby box price lookin' like? I think this is something I might like to get as well?
Matt Flaten said…
I haven't seen any pricing yet but when I find something I'll post it for sure.
TheHitKing said…
Destroying a dog...best card EVER and I must own it