Show and Tell #116: TheHitKing Destroys The Needs List

TheHitKing of the Spoke Bait and The Game blog recently send me a whole slew of Allen and Ginter minis from my needs list in exchange for some Reds cards.

I received four Mysterious Figures...

Three Portraits of Penultimacy...

And six Step Right Up minis...He sent me so many Step Right Up minis in fact that I'm able to complete that insert set in one trade.

Thanks again HitKing!


TheHitKing said…
No problem! I collected the minis because a guy at my work needed them like crack and they were the perfect bait for our daily ping pong challenges in which our prized cards traded hands...I am pretty sure I got half of those step right ups off of him...My motto, pass the plenty! on the wealth! I am glad you got them safe, minis are a PITA to ship.

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