Should Older Stars Retire From Signing Cards At Some Point?

In one of Tom The Ripper's newest videos a Stan Musial 2012 Topps Tribute autograph is pulled.  This is a Jake Break, so as usual Jake he didn't seem too excited about it when it was pulled but it is currently the only copy available for sale on eBay.

The card bring to mind some thoughts that I'm not really considered before in card collecting.  In the same way that all professional athletes face a time in which they won't be able to continue on, do players face the same sort of situation in signing collectibles.  No matter how high  public demand might be, should elderly stars just not sign cards and memorabilia at some point?  Granted, I haven't been able to see any of the other card Stan the Man signed for Topps Tribute to compare the signature quality as this is the only card listed currently but I personally just feel bad looking at the card and seeing that signature.  I hope that Stan isn't being exploited in contributing to the set.

I realize that young players tear off hundreds of autographs per set for the various card companies but Stan is currently 91.  If I were to ask my 85-year-old grandmother to sign ninety-nine copies of something it would be a few day ordeal of making them anywhere close to legible and possibly with someone holding the pen with her.  I just hope that's not the case for Mr. Musial.


Casey said…
Man, that signature makes me sad. I got Musial's signature at a card show in the early 90's because, for whatever reason, I really liked him as a 13 year old despite him last playing about 15 years before I was born. Anyways, his signature back then was really nice and classic, so to see this, it's painful.

I never thought about the idea of players retiring from signing stuff, especially on a mass scale, but it sort of makes sense. I understand that these retired players still want to earn an income, but at some point, they just need to enjoy the twilight of their years.
night owl said…
I think younger people automatically believe that the elderly are unable to think for themselves, but that's not always the case. If he's willing and able, then he should go to it! Besides, it doesn't look any worse than some of the horrific scribbles of current major leaguers.
Anonymous said…
I see both sides of the coin. I will say - that signature is pretty bad and makes you sad. I thought Aaron's pen had gone downhill - but not like that.

TheHitKing said…
its 1 of 99. Im in my late 20's and my hand hurts after a while, I am sure his were killing him after 99 autographs, probably in one sitting. I mean, the guy is a war hero and diamond hero, I would say let im scribble on cards until he wants to...we'll keep loving him.
TheHitKing said…
btw...I just watched your vid ripping open some A&Gs...I'll fight you for that Bruuuuuuuce relic? what do you say? fists dipped in glue, dipped in nails, dipped in broken glass?