More Photoshopped Cards From 2012 Topps Opening Day

In the new 2012 Topps Update you've got two types of photoshopped cards.  You have the new players shown in their new uniforms for the first time plus, this year you have your first shot to see the Marlins with their new name and new uniforms.

Here are some of the Miami Marlins cards I've found

A Jose Reyes insert:

2012 Topps Update  Elite Skills #ES-1 Jose Reyes 
Including what looks to me the first card with the Marlins road jerseys:

2012 Topps Update #32 Anibal Sanchez
 This is a great card photoshopped or not:

2012 Topps Update #92 Mike Stanton
The photoshopping seems most obvious on this card:

2012 Topps Update #79 Hanley Ramirez
 And one last one:

2012 Topps Update #119 Ricky Nolasco
 Like it or not I'm going to just have to accept photoshopping as something that is just not going away.  Rather than bitch about it every year I've decided to just celebrate it. Here are five first-time cards with players with their new teams.

First we have Gio Gonzalez who was sent from the Athletics to the Nationals in a trade this December in the A's semi-annual fire sale.

2012 Topps Update #76 Gio Gonzalez
The Royals took advantage of Melkey Cabrera's strong season in 2012 and dealt him to the Giants for left-hand pitching help in Jonathan Sanchez.  

2012 Topps Update #49 Melky Cabrera
This one is a little sad for me as Michael Cuddyer was one of my favorite Twins players.  He signed a three year $30 million dollar contract over the winter.  
2012 Topps Update #39 Michael Cuddyer

Sergio became a Blue Jay after a trade with the White Sox.

2012 Topps Update #133 Sergio Santos
 Trevor Cahill was also traded by the A's to the Diamondbacks basically for prospect Jarrod Parker.  Cahill gives the Diamondbacks a pretty strong 1-2 punch to their pitching staff with 21-game winner Ian Kennedy.

2012 Topps Update #139 Trevor Cahill


Commishbob said…
The technology of altering photos has gotten so good that it's not easy to tell some of these are photoshopped. I don't collect current sets for the most part but if I did I'd be fine with these.
night owl said…
For side-to-side Marlins comparison, see this post:
Matt Flaten said…
Since I'm not really collecting the flag ship set I didn't really put two and two together that there were two versions of each. Thanks Night Owl!
dayf said…
Anyone else get creeped out by that look on Hanley's face?
Wow, they even went so far as to re-color the dirt on Reyes' jersey. Nice touch.

Also, that Cuddy card makes me sad. :(
GCA said…
But they didn't change Stanton's name to Giancarlo? I thought that was official...