If They Are Martians, Why Aren't We Earthians?

The news is S--L--O--W in coming from Topps' Mars Attacks Facebook page about the new Mars Attacks set coming out this summer and so I'll have to keep the momentum going with the second 1962 card in my collection.  This one features some trimmed corners, a crease in the middle of the card, and Martian city in ruins thanks to the people of Earth.

And incidentally...if they are Martians, why aren't we Earthians?


Hackenbush said…
They could be Marslings.
TheHitKing said…
Please stop posting these mars attacks cards..I have addiction issues and I am starting to really really really really like these things.
I believe we're called Terrans. Incidentally, if we were from Jupiter, we would be called Jovians. I need to sit down and have a discussion with whoever decided those terms.