The Contest Is About to Start

I'm currently sitting at 199 followers and that is bugging me so once we cross over to the land of 200+ followers [i.e. the land of the "populer" card bloggers] we will have a randomization giveaway for two Golden Giveway codes.  So if you read the blog regularly but aren't following, please just press that little "join this site" button and the contest can begin!


...also, 200 followers? How the heck do you guys do it? I have, like... a dozen. lol
Scott Fendley said…
What about those of us who don't use the arcane 'follow' because they use an RSS feed (and also blog on Wordpress). I think it under-represents the true reach.
Matt Flaten said…
That's true Scott...hadn't really thought of that. To enter just go here and leave a comment.
JediJeff said…
So with that logic, Scott, I have like 2477 followers? SWEEEEEEEEEET!