Another Day, Another Odd Andy Pafko Auction

Another day, another post about an unique Andy Pafko auction.  For those of you who thought the Andy Pafko getting a tuberculosis test photo was odd how about this one on sale from the Chicago Tribune:

That's Andy's wife, Ellen,  with Andy in bed with what looks like a rather short hospital gown.  God only knows what is going on under that heating pad!  Plus, that sly smile on Andy's face...this picture is just too much!


mike said…
I think some of the recent photos I've seen from Pafko and a lot of the vintage players fall under the category of oddball. But its vintage, and people like that. I am guilty of buying a picture from the CT of Walter Payton holding a camera, simply because I am a photographer and he is one of my sports idols. 2+2.
If you like (Pafko) enough, you'll buy this goofy hospital photo!