Alan Bean Stamp Relic

I have been eyeing these astronaut relic/stamp cards for a more than a year now and then I stumbled upon one at the right price at a card show.  Alan Bean was the pilot of the Lunar Module on Apollo 12 and was the four man on the Moon.  If you are going to be the fourth person to do something I really can't think of anything better. 

2010 Panini Collection Souvenir Stamps #13 Alan Bean Relic #080/100

Since leaving NASA, Alan has made a name for himself as a painter of astronaut and lunar art.  Here's an example:

 As for the stamp included, here is the complete stamp.  For all you philatelists out this is Scott Catalogue  USA: 1434 and 1435.  These were produced in 1971 and there is another version of the Alan Bean relic that features the other side of the adjoining stamp. 

Ah, yes, something to add to the "must buy" list.


Hackenbush said…
Pretty cool!It's awesome to hit 500 home runs or win the MVP but walking on the moon trumps all that.
Spankee said…
Wow, totally jealous. I'm a NASA guy, and I've been wanting to pick one of those up. It would look great on my desk.