February 29, 2012

This Just In! Baseball Card Pack Yields Good Cards!

Below you find the carnage of me opening a 10 Packs For $10 repackage and a jumbo repackage of 100 random cards.

As you can see, the jumbo repackage promises three vintage cards...here's what I got:

We start with a 1978 Barry Bonnell card.  This is exactly what I am expecting to receive from this pack.  A 30+ year common.

1978 Topps #242 Barry Bonnell
Wait a minute...what's this?  A 1978 Topps Frank White? A Frank White I don't have even.  Well this is a pleasant surprise!   Let's see what vintage card #3 is...

1978 Topps #248 Frank White
What?  A 1969 Tony Oliva?!?!  Awesome!  Again, it is another Oliva that I don't have!
1969 Topps Tony Oliva
This might be like during the Oscars when everyone was tweeting "Who is Billy Crystal" because they are out of touch with anything more than 15 years old.  Maybe the people putting together these packs just don't know who Frank White and Tony Oliva are?
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