They Graded What?

Have you ever picked up an odd card here and there and then the next thing you know you have a full fledged "collection" on your hands? This has now happened to me after I bought these two graded cards for 50 cents. I call it my "They Graded What?" collection as it is entirely cards sent to be graded that really have no business being slabbed.

For those unfamiliar, FGS stands for Finest Grading Services which doesn't seem to be accepting cards anymore. Their web page doesn't give much detail other than an e-mail address and an address in California.

1974 Topps #436 Don Hood
1974 Topps #580 Jim Spencer


Paul Hadsall said…
Maybe someone was planning for a full graded 1974 Topps set?

I can't think of any other reason for it...
Fuji said…
Ironic that the Don Hood was graded as off centered... and the actual grading slip is off centered as well. The "OC" and the "13188605" look like it's about to get cut off.