It's Been A Busy Fortnight On The Andy Pafko Front

In this Pafko update I've added my first graded Pafko card, a new certified autograph, and a new relic card.  I think that certainly qualifies as a hug Pafko collection upgrade.  Beyond that Pafko MOJO, I also added two rarer cards from the 40's and 60's and two of the ever-expanding 1952 Topps #1 reprint collection.

We start today with this 1947 card put out by Bond Bread.  This is a blank back cards and uses the famous photo of Pafko in his Cubs uniform getting ready to hit.  This same photo is used on the Salutations cards from the '40s but with the background removed. 
1947 Bond Bread Andy Pafko
Next we have my first graded Pafko card.  Well, to call it a card isn't really accurate as the R423 set consists of small squares used in a baseball game.  Andy's square would get you a single and features the same Cubs era photo as in the last card.

1950 R423 #82 Andy Pafko
The reverse is bright orange which is sort of surprising given the black and white front.

Next up we have one of the rare cards showing Andy as a coach.  This card was collected by kids and redeemed to the nearest Lake To Lake Dairy for valuable prizes like a pencil set, cap, autographed baseball, or Braves tickets.
1960 Lake To Lake Dairy Andy Pafko
Here's the reverse side with the nearest Lake To Lake Dairy location.  I assume that once the cards were redeemed someone punched the bottom left corner of the card so it couldn't be used again.

And here two reprints of the old White Whale, one from 1995 Archives and 2001 Chrome.

1995 Topps Archives #1
2001 Topps Chrome Through The Years Reprints #4 Andy Pafko
Last week I lost out an auction for this very card of a graded version which was 9.5 on the card and a 10 on the signature.  I thought to myself that "every Pafko signature is a 10" but wouldn't you know it I found one that might not be.  Check out where he started writing the "A" and you can see that his pen wasn't cooperating at first.

2001 Topps Golden Anniversary Great Autograph #GAA-AP
And last but not least we have a Milwaukee County Stadium seat relic.  I already own one copy of this card [the 2nd card below] and as you can see it is of some unpainted wood and almost looks like a bat piece.  My latest addition has a green painted piece of the seat.  I actually went to a Brewers game in County Stadium back in 1992 and I remember the dark green painted seats...and the huge metal poles that kept the upper level up and created a lot of obstructed view seats.

2003 Topps Heritage Grandstand Glory #GG-AP Milwaukee County Stadium  Seat Relic

Thus far no card company has made an Andy Pafko jersey or patch relic.  Maybe I'll need to make a custom card of my own.


Hackenbush said…
Love the auto. That's a sharp set. Interesting that his signature hasn't changed very much since 1952. It's a nice one.
AdamE said…
Those are some cool old vintage cards you got. Your Pafko collection looks to be in the same place my Virdon colleciton is, where the only ones left are complete oddballs. It is more rewarding for me to find that wierd local card than it is to bust a whole box of somethign new. It is just the waiting to find them that gets annoying.

Good Stuff!!
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks Adam. Good luck on your Virdon set.
mike said…
Good catches on the Pafkos, Matt! I saw Bon Iver won a Grammy the other night and he was repping Eau Claire, so I thought of you. I saw a couple others online recently but have been really busy with work so haven't been able to sit and chase like I usually would.
Your Pafko (and that Virdon guy) sounds like my Walter Payton and Jarrod Parker chases. I'm down to 23 (attainable) Parkers counting the autographs at /25 or higher and I need less than 20 Paytons to have everything save for oddballs like 1978 Slim Jim box bottoms, etc.
It's a haul...